Dragon Heir

Dragon Heir - chapter 39, page 01

EmmaVieceli, July 5th, 2010, 11:50 am
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Chapter 39 - Urg, I wish I had a way of showing double page spreads better...sorry about the size of page one here, folks....in print it has a much wider space, I had to trim and shrink it for the web version, boooo.

Aaanyways, here's chapter 39!
I write this after a few awesome days with one of my friends and inspirations, Amy Reeder Hadley. She's the artist behind Vertigo's Madamme Xanadu and Tokyopop's Fool's Gold, and I love her muchly! So, blame the late posting on her, haha XD

@shadowknightpaladin - hehe, save the day? well, maybe....and yeah, Lyntra clearly takes after me with waking up in the morning. And gah, I know! If only Kalm had been with his guardians at all he may know how to use what he has!

@SiliconMage - Oh, he knows he's an Heir of course, but to feel part of a group is something I think Kalm's never had before...bless.

@enchantma - haha, sorry about that! But here we go ^_^ I'm so happy that you're liking the comic, thank you!

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