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Dragon Heir: chapter 30 - page 01

EmmaVieceli, May 3rd, 2010, 6:18 am
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- It's bank holiday monday here in the UK - but that won't stop Dragon Heir plodding on! ^_^

Gawd but I used to use a lot of screen tone...some of these older pages still make me want to hide a little, but let's focus on the story! haha. Just one more chapter and we'll be onto pages from issue 8! Issue 8 was actually made after I finished Much Ado About nothing, so we'll see another slight jump in art style and will be close to how the reborn section of the webcomic looks, hurray!

The support from you guys means so much - thank you for reading and making me smile with your comments! I hope you enjoy this chapter.

@3o-s-knight - Ella's so clueless, eh? haha! But yeah, the relationships do come out quite strongly in DH, despite it being more of a fantasy/philosophy story...i never know if I should categorise it as romance sometimes XD
And yeah - Furose probably knows even less about what love is than Protus does, so what does he know, eh? ;) But then again - he also sees the danger that could come about if Protus, of all of them, lets his guard down.....eep. As you say - who knows how much Spiratu have prepared? nyohoho.

@shadowknightpaladin - hehe, 'charimsa' is clearly the only thing on Ella's mind. She's far too pure for anything else...right? XD
and lol at the 'bishonen moment'. He has his own jar of sparkles to pull out at the right moment ^_~

@SiliconMage - haha, the squirt being Kalm, right? You can almost imagine how much he and Nute will like each other, heheh.

Advertisement, May 27th, 2018, 8:36 am
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