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EmmaVieceli, April 12th, 2010, 6:11 am
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Issue 6 ends! - Hey all!
I'm so happy to see new readers here. If you found me via the spotlight, do say hi and let me know who you are! ^_^
I hope you're enjoying the updates. As I've said before, what we're now seeing is pages from the original issues being posted up, and this week we see the end of issue 6, so next week we'll move into issue 7! You'll see the artwork change over the next few weeks as - originally- there were YEARS between them! haha.


@sakurasaki92 - hahah, I do like mah sexy hair XD

@tsukiyomi - thanks, hon! Even though these are older pages, you can see where I'd started having fun with page layouts...:)

@Crowthing - yay, thanks so much for checking in on the updates- it means a lot! and yes, haha - she pretty much IS a magical girl, haha. Maybe Lyntra could be her mascot XD
And yeah - what indeed! Poor Neissus :(

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